Angola Telecom’s fixed-line network still serves less than 1% of the population. The licensing of four new fixed-wireless operators in 2002 has introduced competition to this sector, using Third Generation (3G) wireless technologies and WiMAX to provide advanced services.

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A national fibre optic backbone network is being implemented. Privatisation of Angola Telecom and the licensing of a third mobile operator is expected in the not too distant future. Market forecasts are also included.

Angola Telecom is a telecommunications and Internet service provider of Angola.

Subsidiaries of Angola Telecom include:

  • Movicel, offering mobile phone service and Movinet, offering internet access;
  • ELTAngola, Empresa de Listas Telefonicas de Angola, an online telephone directory;
  • Multitel, a portal offering a wide range of internet services;
  • TVCabo, offering on-line television programming.

MSTelcom is a competitor of Angola Telecom.