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Press Services have, as a mission, to ensure the execution of press policy, dissemination and promotion of the political, socio-cultural values and economic and tourist potential of the Republic of Angola in subordination of the respective Head of Mission.

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Press Services continue the following purposes within the framework of the tasks of the external executive bodies:

  • A) ensure compliance with the informational policy of the Republic of Angola abroad;

  • B) materialize methodological guidelines from the Ministry of Foreign Relations and Social Communication on the activities of their competence, which are transmitted by the Head of Mission;

  • C) promote the dissemination of political, economic and socio-cultural reality of the Republic of Angola and facilitate the movement of media professionals in the country and the Angolan territory receiver organizations;

  • D) Do, on a daily basis, the collection, selection and editorial analysis of the content of the main newspapers and magazines on subjects relevant to the inner life of the accrediting and recipients countries and send views on  conducive modalities favourable to the relationship of our Government with the accrediting and receiver country;

  • E) collect the necessary information for the performance of the Embassy as Executive Body abroad, of our country’s foreign policy;

  • F) Ensure the relationship with the local average, to timely illustrate and assert the positions of the Angolan Government about domestic and international;

  • G) Ensure the dissemination of information promoting the image of our country;

  • H) Maintain updated a register of domestic and foreign journalists;

  • I) Assist the Head of Mission in preparation of press conferences;

  • J) Collaborate with other areas of the Mission in the creation and maintenance of documentation centres and archives;

  • K) Support the official delegations and the media professionals of the Republic of Angola visiting accrediting and recipients countries;

  • L) Perform all other tasks determined by the Head of Mission and the Directorates of the Ministries of Social Communication and External Relations.

In addition to the tasks referred to in the Statute, the Press and Information Office performs the following tasks:

  • A) Collect, process and archive the information produced by the media, both national and foreign, in order to ensure that the Head of the Diplomatic Mission and other diplomats have updated knowledge of national and international reality;

  • B) Arrange the launch, in conjunction with the accrediting country’s media organizations, of international campaigns of information about events related to the Republic of Angola;

  • C) Provide external services of the Embassy with the information that they require for their activities in the various diplomatic, political, economic, social and cultural domains, as well as promote an effective policy of communication and public relations;

  • D) Draw up the magazine and other periodicals of the Embassy, as well as documents relating to external policy, in accordance with the guidelines of the country;

  • E) Coordinate and guide all activities relating to the collection, cataloguing, classification and updating of bibliographical substance;

  • F) Organize the library and the diplomatic archives of the Diplomatic Mission, in order to cover the needs in terms of consultation and analysis about the history of Angolan diplomacy, in collaboration with the various departments of the country;

  • G) Ensure implementation and coordination of the work of translation and linguistic translations necessary for activity of the Embassy;

  • H) Ensure and maintain functional and updated the website of the Diplomatic Mission in collaboration with the Consular Section of the Embassy;

  • I) In addition the Press Office also accumulates Angolan Cultural events.