Economy Statistics

Official Currency: New Kwanza (NKz)

Exchange Rate (21/04/2010): US$1 = 93.99 Kz

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Trading currency: US Dollars

GDP per capita: IMF: US$4,302 (2009), World Bank: US$3,734 (2009E)

Gross Domestic Product (GDP): $US74,474 million (2009E)

Real GDP Growth Rate: -0.2% (2009E), 12.3% (2008 est.), 21.1% (2007 est.)

Inflation rate (consumer prices): 13.1% (2009E), 12.5% (2008E), 91% (1999E)

Current Account Balance:
US$4.941 billion (2009E)
US$17.11 billion (2008E)
US$1.4 billion (1999E)
US$1.9 billion (1998E)

Population: 18,498,000 (2009)
Population growth rate: 2.8% (2005-2010E – United Nations list)

National Debt/GDP ratio: 18%

Rate of Inflation: 30% (1997)

Public Debt/PIB: 18%

Tax of Inflation: 30% (1997)

Employment structure: Primary sector 68.5%; Secondary 4.5%; Tertiary 26.8%

Principal exports: Crude oil, diamonds, Refined Petroleum Products, other minerals, timber, fish, coffee, cotton and sisal.

Principal imports: Foodstuffs, beverages, plant products, electrical equipment, military equipment, vehicles and spare vehicle parts.

Main trading partners: Brazil, South Africa, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Germany, China, France and USA .

Main Ports: Luanda, Lobito and Namibe.

Total External Debt (2000E): US$12 billion.