Angolan Government repudiates statements by the UN

Angolan Government repudiates statements by the UN

Angolan Government repudiates statements by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

The government of the Republic of Angola regrets and repudiates statements made on 12 May by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCHR) in Geneva, Switzerland, about events related to the “7th Day Light of the World” sect that resulted in the death of nine National Police officers and thirteen members of the sect.

The government of the Republic of Angola considers that the said statements are not sustained by any proof and are based on false statements made by biased and absolutely irresponsible people with the intention of defaming not only Angola’s institutions but all its citizens.

It is regrettable that the UNHCHR should have disregarded the procedures of the United Nations system by describing as ‘extremely violent’ statements made by the public and private media and by Angolan civil society, in which we include the eighty religious faiths officially recognised in Angola, depreciating the official data on the events made public by the Angolan government.

We find it hard to believe that more than a thousand people were killed and buried in a night by fewer than 50 men without leaving vestiges.

The events that took place in Monte Sumé are being investigated by the Angolan state through the office of the Attorney General, and the leader of the sect has been detained and is awaiting trial.  It is therefore not plausible that he should have come out safe and sound if he was the main target of the police action aimed at arresting him for the crime of homicide and repeated acts of civil disobedience.

We also wish to make it known that steps have been taken to re-house and resettle families affected by this phenomenon.

The 7th Day Light of the World sect incited and led its believers to commit unconstitutional acts and acts contrary to the basic principles of human rights, particularly depriving children of schooling and health, discouraging people from providing data for the population census and urging them to sell and abandon their homes in order to live without decent conditions in the hills to wait for the end of the world forecast, according to their leader, for 2015.

In view of these facts, the Angolan government regrets that the UNHCHR deliberately ignored the violations of the rights of children, in particular, and human rights, in general, perpetrated by the sect and described as extremely violent the condemnations made by all of Angolan society, both within and outside the various mass media.

We regret that the UNHCHR, an agency to promote and protect human rights in the world, has in this case been guided in its conduct by the promotion of speculations likely to threaten the peace and security of the Angolan state so fervently desired by all its citizens.

Therefore, the Angolan government, on behalf of all its citizens, calls on the UNHCHR to either provide proof of its statements or immediately retract them and present an official apology.

Government of the Republic of Angola, Luanda, 15 May 2015.

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