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Welcome to the Angola Embassy website, your portal back home.

Angola Embassy information directory

Our mission is to provide consular assistance to Angolan citizens residing in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland and we have the authority to grant entry visas to Angola on behalf of British citizens and nationals of other countries residing in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Republic of Ireland.

Angola a country full of opportunities
and breath taking beauty.


Our Latest news

TPA Live

Keep up to date with all Angolan and Palope affairs world wide.

TPA is the national broadcaster of the Southern African state of Angola. It also operates an international channel TPA Internacional. TPA is headquartered in the capital city Luanda and broadcasts in Portuguese language. The international channel broadcasts selected shows targeted at foreign audiences and the Angolan community abroad.

TPA1 is currently the only state-owned broadcaster in Angola following the arrival of private channels TV Zimbo and Palanca TV and the privatization of TPA2.

Visa Online service

Quick 5min Application Service.
Visas usually take between 8-15 to process.

The Embassy of Angola are glad to inform the public that the new visa online service is now available. Quick and easy to use.




Need a Visa? Apply Now using our online system.

Our Diplomatic Mission

Our highly qualified diplomatic team is here to help to provides assistance to Angolan citizens in all government process.

Click below for our full diplomat team list

His Excellency

Geraldo Sachipengo Nunda

Virtual Angola

Factual information about our country

Angola, a country located in southwestern Africa. A large country, Angola takes in a broad variety of landscapes, including the semidesert“Skeleton Coast,” the sparsely populated rainforest interior, the rugged highlands of the south, the Cabinda exclave in the north, and the densely settled towns and cities of the northern coast and north-central river valleys. The capital and commercial centre is Luanda, a large port city on the northern coast that blends Portuguese-style colonial landmarks with traditional African housing styles and modern industrial complexes.

The Consular Section

The Consular Section provides a variety of services for Angola citizens and citizens of other countries. There are four units within the Section.

Angolan Citizenship

Consular Registration (adults and minors) / Declarations / National Passports / Militar Registration
Proof of Life / Proof of Nationality / Term of Responsability (travel)


Authentications of documents | Legalisation of documents | Power of Attorney

Registration and Transcription of

Marriage / Birth / Process of matrimonial capacity / Celebration of marriage between Angolans and between Angolans and foreigners

Other Information

How to obtain a Birth Certificate / Importance of Militar Registration
Importance Matrimonial Capacity / Importance of Birth Registration / Other advice


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Phone: +44 207 299 9850
Fax: +44 20 7486 9397
22 Dorset Street
Embassy of Angola, London W1U 6QY
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